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German Master Farrier INC.

Team of Master Blacksmith and Bachelor of Equine Science with special education for horse shoeing in Germany.

Additionally, we have completed a study in veterinary medicine focused specifically on the pathologies of the equine apparatus of movement. Worldwide, Germany is one of the leading nations in the study of horse shoeing and veterinary medicine, as well as the continuing education in both fields. We can thus provide services of an educational standard that is incomparably superior to any program found in the US. We are the best of the best, as a result of which we have gained the privilege of living and working in the United States.

Once here, we developed our hoof care product "HOOFBUTTER","UNDERCOVER SILICONE" and "VET-TRIOL" "VETTRIOL" specifically for areas with a warm, wet climate. This product restores the naturally occurring protective layer of the outer hoof wall, which the continuous moisture, in addition to the mostly sandy soil, damages and destroys, leaving the hoof vulnerable to fungus and the infamous White Line Disease. Additionally, our complimentary invention of the "Undercover Silicone" greatly facilitates a farrier's work on shod horses, specifically. The dual function of this product is to directly combat fungus and bacteria beneath the shoe itself, while its unique composition and mechanism simulate a wider, more load-bearing hoof wall. Especially for horses with thin hoof walls and sensitive hoof soles, this product truly reigns supreme.We, along with many other farriers, have no desire to ever forego the use of these products in our work again.

Furthermore, we offer our clients the highest comforts in orthopedic shoeing. We work with materials from every corner of the world. Because of our global connections, we are able to work with materials that many american veterinarian and farrier has not yet seen. Thus, we customize optimal solutions for horses based on the particular problems of their individual apparatus of movement. Solutions based upon the knowledge of the entire world. We also work with "Genius Group International" , as well as promoting and testing ideas and developments in the field of horse shoeing.

Despite our move to the US, our work is still represented in Germany and all of Europe, as well as in Costa Rica and the whole of the United States. We are very lucky to repeatedly find ourselves a part of the team working for the Filmstudio Babelsberg / Germany where we provide support of the production through our service of custom- and specialty shoeings for the horses, donkeys and cattle participating in the creation of serveral noteworthy movies. Examples of popular movies featuring our work include: "Around the world in 80 days" with Jackie Chan, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Rob Schneider, "Der Marsch", "Die Pferdeinsel" ,"Ein Schiff wird kommen" and many more. We are also continuing our working relationship with the destrict courts of Berlin, Potsdam and Brandenburg in Germany and provide expert assessments regarding shoeing in case of questions regarding insurance disputes. Moreover, we provide our services to our national and international clientele for pre-purchase exams. To ensure that the "dream horse" does not develop into a "nightmare", we conduct a thorough examination of his foundation. Because of our continuous in the field of horse shoeing in connection with the field of veterinary medicine, we are often called upon by individual veterinarians as well as noteworthy clinics, to partner in the diagnosis and treatment of puzzling cases of unexplained lameness. Thus,our work often begins where many veterinarians and / or farriers have already given up. To ensure that the afflicted horse receives the appropriate continuation of good quality care once it has returned to his home stable, we remain in contact with the owner and their farrier. A customized prescription is provided and to ensure that there are no misinterpretations, it is supplemented by pictures and illustrations for clarification.

These customized descriptions and prescriptions are especially popular with clients that do not live in our area of service. Wheter it is for an evaluation or a desired correction, you need only send us an email containing all relevant information and we will be happy to contact you to discuss a future plan of action.

While looking back on more than 20 years of global experience, we are also looking forward to being able to successfully stand by you and your horse.



Pricing and fees are available upon request.

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